Doing our part

Better capsules for a better world.

Sometimes a capsule is more than a capsule. In fact, 100% of the tin contained in our capsules can be recovered and reused to make all kinds of things: automotive parts, electronic components, construction materials, even more tin capsules. That’s why we’re the only capsule producer in the industry with a dedicated recycling division and sustainable refining process.

Our Tin Capsule Recycling Program

Step One

Accumulate Tin

Typical collection points include overruns, old stock, incorrect order, and collection bins at tasting rooms and bottling lines.

Step Two

Schedule Your

Once a sizable quantity has been accumulated (50+ lbs), notify our logistics team of estimated weight and packaging details. They will schedule a pickup and provide shipping documents.

Step Three

Reclaim and

Our reclaim division will receive the capsules and refine them into useable tin within 30 days. A settlement form containing tin recoveries and value is returned to the supplier along with subsequent payment.

Need a hand?

When each tin capsule weighs approximately ⅔ of an aluminum can and is worth 14x the value, recycling it makes more than just cents. It makes sense. Need help setting up a collection program at your tasting room or bottling line? Give us a call and we’ll help you get going.

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